Swimwear Haul & Review 2017

Hoaka Swimwear


Somewhere along the line of following pages for fashion, travel, beauty, and other inspiration, Hoaka Swimwear peaked my interest.

It has made me feel completely free, not having to worry about anything coming loose and being exposed. The only thing I worried about was raising my arms up too high and the top lifting. But that can easily be fixed with a Size Exchange which they have made so easy.

The neoprene is a cherry on top to the modest, yet sexy design. The quality is worth the price ($69). For me, the major winning point is that the bikini is offered in styles with different coverage bottoms. My favorite is cheeky, but they offer “Bootykini” which is thong-like and “In Front of Your Family”… which is a lifesaver. I have yet to find a company that offers this!

Find other styles here hoakaswimwear.com

Somerfield Swim


I was very surprised by this bikini. I didn’t know if I should pay $100 for something that looked too simple. I’m glad I did though.

Renee Somerfield’s swimwear line makes simple look sexy from the gorgeous soft color choices to the flattering way the pieces fit to the body.

The top impressed me so much. There is no padding, but it gives the shape of a push up! As you read on, you will see how this top compares to others! It gives that extra lift.

The bottom piece is very cheeky and rides up with most movement, but goes with the top and the style portrayed with the bikini very well.

I do believe you can find a dupe for this, however, I think it will be hard to find one that fits in all the right places!

Check out all the other styles at somerfieldswim.com.

 VIIIX Luxury Boutique


I searched far and wide for this set. I’ve seen posts on Instagram with women wearing this exact bikini and I was amazed by how flattering it looked as well as how beautifully it photographed. There were many places that created dupes of this white mesh bikini, but I came across Victoria’s Etsy Page. It was only $35 and she had amazing reviews.

I’ve already worn this on a few outings and I love how well it has held up. I find in some bikini bottoms that have more coverage in the back tend to sag after some time. The top has adjustable straps for the perfect fit. If you are looking for something to photograph in, this is it!

She now has her own boutique on Poshmark that you can check out here.



I am glad I decided to give Zaful a try. I mean, it’s not like I could turn down gorgeous bikinis that are under $20.

The quality is what you paid for. Zaful is a perfect place to find dupes or to find something cute but affordable.

As soon as I got the bikini pictured above in the mail, I went to try it on and the stitching came loose on the bottom string causing the fabric to unravel from around the elastic. It was a very easy fix. I just had to get it sewed back on and make the stitching stronger.

That didn’t make me feel any less about this bikini though. I felt snug and comfortable swimming and moving in this! The top did not budge and the cheeky bottoms never rode up.

Click here to find this exact bikini.




When I came across this on the Zaful website, I knew I was getting it. I wasn’t only drawn to the cute leaf print. I was drawn to the fact that I have only seen a swimsuit with a sports bra top and boyshorts in my dreams!

The quality is pretty amazing for $13. It felt like I was wearing spandex and a lightweight sports bra. Not only is it modest, it’s perfect for activities like wakeboarding or tubing.

Click here to find this bikini.




This was another Zaful bikini that I was amazed with! The top is padded and lays against the skin perfectly. I was expecting it to feel like it was going to come off at any moment, but was pleasantly surprised. The bottoms, like the first Zaful bikini on the list, are cheeky and stay in place.

For only $19, this bikini is trendy with the off the shoulder look and is perfect for a day lounging and taking pictures at the pool.

Click here for this exact bikini.



I ordered this set because I was in love with the previous one. It is the same style, just a different pattern. The only difference is this set is a little bit cheaper and the bottoms are cheekier.

I recommend this bikini if you are looking for something romantic. It will definitely catch some eyes.

Click here to find this exact bikini.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post!


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